Meet Good Looking Samuel Ashia- The Lead Striker Of Emmanuel City Football Acadamy who has scored two Goals in Three games.

πŸ†š Ghana Army Fc ⚽️
πŸ†š La Great Stars FC ⚽️
πŸ†š Ausbort Sporting Club ❌

The Talented Attacker Can’t just wait to play against King-step FC come Friday at Mc Dan La town park in week 4️⃣ of Greater Accra Division Two League.

Make time to watch him! Goal Scoring machine ⚽️.



⚽Kingstep Football Club πŸ†šEmmanuel City

🏟MC Dan LA Town park- LA

πŸ“†18th June, 2021



πŸ–₯ AFA Sports Channel

πŸ“±#ECFA πŸ”΄βšͺ️  #GodWithUs

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