Emmanuel City Football Academy was founded in Accra the capital city of Ghana in 2011. Emmanuel city is well organized football club in Ghana. The club is registered division three with hard work and determination the club was promoted to division two under the Ghana football association. Emmanuel City is made up of under 14, 15, 17 and under 21.


The future of every country and its related society lies in the youthful population. Investing in youths’ entails building a solid foundation for future leaders by maximizing their potentials. Emmanuel City has come to realize that in partnership with your agency as well as other stakeholders, young people can be given a chance of making it in life through sports. The founders and promoters of Emmanuel City equally believe that young people are rough diamond whom if well-polished shall shine for the whole of humanity.

The goal of the project is to offers an opportunity for maximal development of talent in youth through training and nurturing of their talents in football, in the junior, primary   and senior schools. Most of the players are usually identified through villages competitions and street playing arenas. Moreover, the object seeks to establish an exchange visit program between the Emmanuel City and Sport Institution and training canters for coaches and players in the Nation over.


In a region that does not count any industries and minerals resources that constitute a source of empowerment through gainful employment, the overall objectives of this proposal resonate with ECFA and include:

  1. Creating a community and sustainable academy in order to develop football, in this part of Ghana.
  2. Identifying sports talents in young people and giving them a chance at making a career even away from our academy
  3. Engaging young people in physical and moral Education with a view to reducing crime rate, drug abuse as well as the fight against HIV/AIDS.
  4. Training young people in the sustainable management of bio-diversities and environmental protection.
  5. Building friendship ties with stakeholders as well as other sports oriented entities the world over and participating in activities that promote friendship, tolerance and fight against racism and all forms of discrimination.


The importance of this project lies also in the anticipated outcome and the benefits would be multi-dimensional.
Youth Beneficiaries;

  1. Junior and senior footballers are trained and equipped with basic material for re-training and career development.
  2. With sponsorship, outstanding football players who need immediate and sustained attention vital for possible professional care would receive adequate training from ECFA. The training shall equally reveal more hidden talents in young people not only from the Village around central corridor but equally from other parts of the country.
  3. The training activities shall equally present and encourage the spirit of competition and especially self-challenge in all participants, who spirit shall build strong personalities in each one of them.
  4. The coming together of young people from all parts of the community shall foster friendship ties and encourage national integration that is indispensable in national unity and nation building.

The Academy

  1. The Academy will succeed in giving a chance of self-esteem and discovery to young people, which is a resume of our objectives. The Academy expects to cause young people to realize that sports can give them a future and above all that sports keep them out of various male practices.
  2. Taking into consideration the poverty level in the villages and country, training activities offered by the academy shall give a cross section of young people a chance of playing and wining. The Academy expects to build lasting ties with various stake holders with whom the future of young people may be made brighter.
  3. The Academy expects to install a sense of responsibility and partnership in the participants, which shall then have an overall effect on their day to day activities. By the end of training activities, the participants would emerge as people who respect the notion of “Common Good” which is a prerequisite for future nation builders.
  4. The Academy by the training of young people will exhibit the principles of self-reliant development and contributed its own quota to national development.
  5. The Academy program is geared toward physical, moral, linguistic and professional development of the youth in local, national and international football.

The Community

  1. The envisaged training activities shall reinforce the spirit of friendship and unity among young people who constitute a very active and consequently very volatile section of the population.
  2. The training activities shall be welcome by the local authorities as an antidote against the growing rate of drug abuse.
  3. We finally expect that the nation shall discover some of the rough diamonds, which need polishing in the young participants so that Ghana should soon be proud of new stars that may defend its colours at world stage including the Olympic Games, African Cup of Nations and the World Cup.
  4. We can sell some of the academy players to the big clubs in Ghana, African, Asia, Europe, American and other part of the globe

NB: Even if none of the above occurs, we would have succeeded in the physical and moral education of our young people and given them enough reason to dream, which dreams they may realize some day with or without us. This is what we call success.


This project meant for the training of young people, shall be a continuous process of identifying, training and causing sports men and women to participate in national and international events, which are income generating. ECFA shall therefore provide a sustainable way of transforming sports in Ghana a country blessed with potential stars just waiting to shine.


  1. Training Material: football boots, Jerseys and training kits for various sports, cones, soccer hose (socks), shin guards, footballs, first aid medical facilities, nets, and all other sports equipment and materials.
  2. Necessity for GREEN Training Ground A reasonable capacity stadium and running track, and other sports facilities is the dream of ECFA and our future endeavors would focus on the caliber of talents it has been able, and continue to groom.
  3. Transport: To transport our youngster to and from trail matches, competitions and also to carried from their various location to the sport center.
  4. Transport: To help ECFA to transport the youngster from the various locations and Villages around, to our intended sport center and will also help to transport our players to and from organized and trail matches around Ghana
  5. Shelter and Offices: We need a hostels facility from the player whom comes from long places and other part of African, w0here they will sleep. We also have to get offices where the administrative work will take place.
  6. Stuff Accommodation: This where the coaches, and other senior stuff will stay in to monitor the player’s other activities.
  7. Class rooms: In this day’s football is not only about the field, so we need to get a class room where we will teach them on. English, Biology, Mathematics, food and nutrition, IT/Digital marketing and languages.


The following assumptions were made in presenting this ECFA proposal. These include;

  1. That Emmanuel City Football Academy will identify and train those youths who are talented in football.
  2. That the Academy will help to expose the trained and talented footballers into the national and international market.
  3. That the Academy will create jobs in many directions.
  4. That the Academy will be a developing project by building football and other infrastructure.
  5. That both the public and private sector will welcome the ECFA initiative and support it.
  6. That assistance and funding will be made available for the resource of the Academy by whoever ECFA approaches.
  7. That the Academy will market the product of its sponsors and funding agents.

Project Justification

As an organization of development and in operation for more than a decade we have contributed to the lives of many footballers. As a path of option for the love and passion for soccer we have demonstrated to develop despite our limited resources in our over a decade

Operation to society until our legality in 2016, a handful of our players who had enjoyed our service in providing a stepping stone have featured in top class circles as the:

  1. National  team of Ghana
  2. African League
  3. Europeans league
  4. Americans League
  5. Asians League

This project of Emmanuel City Football club with its justification as service to humanity and society for the love and passion to the development of the soccer game.

It is of the best interest that we offer positive soccer training and exposure for all players within Emmanuel City Football Academy.

Our soccer grounds will be the hub of desired interest for professionals in their occasional visits and unprofessional players for tutoring and learning respectively.

Players will be equipped enough to be hungry for pitch delivery.

Inspire of our scientific methods and practicability players will always be ripe for appropriate inclusion to teams in demanding.

In the two openings of the football transfer windows we are hopefully poised to signing at most (least) 5 players in a transfer window opening at an initial estimate of 200,000euros to 500,000 euros per player.

As the Emmanuel City Football Academy brand grows our soccer hub will have established the trust and assurance of quality and productive resource.  Resources in their polished state will be in a pursuit of need as player exhibition will hold a concrete value of satisfaction translating in the bargaining for millions of euros on behalf of a player release.

Our vision to be among the world’s biggest soccer institutions realizes from the dedication towards our operations and the fact of talent at our exposure within the African region and the exploits from other parts of the world.

Project Activities

Once one of the most vital assets to the foundations infrastructural development project has been acquired by way of a 25 acres’ land, below outlines the project activities assuming its full funded.

Building Contractors and Professional Grass Technologist will cooperate to,

  1. Surveyor: The surveyor will survey the land with appropriate parties and recommend appropriate positioning of infrastructure to the architect and natural grass technologist.
  2. Architect: After satisfaction of erection positioning, the necessary authorities will approve to commence on the architectural designs for the outlined projects.
  3. Grass technologist : The grass technologist resumes work immediately as the building contractor starts the foundation of its building erection if possible. NB: ( pitch work will be determined  as soon as possible)

The Grass technologist proceed in creating  the natural grass pitches in order to have it ready as all construction works wind up.

  1. A bore hole will be drilled to support the public water flow.  (chances of a bore hole could be swayed over since the land is in the coastal belt)

The commencement will proceed in such manner:

  1. Foremost the building contractor will commence on the 25-bedroom hostel to house the 100 players with four occupants in each room. Rooms come with a spacious bath room and toilet.
  2. 7 room self-contain bungalow with toilet and bath in all rooms for visiting coaches.
  3. 5 rooms self-contain with toilet and bath inclusive for maintenance workers.
  4. 4 spacious classrooms and an IT Center
  5. kitchen, and a dining hall
  6. professional gym.
  7. clinic

NB:  All buildings will be furnished appropriately after completion; toilet facility will be linked to a bio gas system to provide support for gas and electricity use.

  1. After the infrastructure is erected and ready for use, two 33 seat vans will be acquired to provide transport service to the players.

Project Results

The Emmanuel City Football Academy Operational Project Proposal is a successful venture and the envisaged impact will be released in the short term, medium and long term structural development operation.


Upon completion of a 100% success of the infrastructural placement, it will be a new dawn of an attractive hub of achievers in the soccer quest as it operationalize

The immediate results of the project and the plans for future expansion lays below:


In the interim, with available resources our short-term results really seem short and implementations will be effected immediately.

The concentration will be to develop the 25 acres of land as soon as it can be completed for operation.

Since Emmanuel City Football Academy is already in operation, the quest is to for operations to be broadened.

Contractors will be on their business to complete the project as the foundation supervises with the appropriate workers on field to get the quality we desire on all development within the project.


 The medium-term measures will operationalize after the short-term results are endorsed appropriately within a stipulated timing of completion of work within six months to a year.

In the medium term the foundation will be endowed to operate, this will enable

  • The availability of training equipment’s and football wares to give room for efficient and productive training methods.
  • To be able to provide efficient first aid during training sections, match activities, seeking for professional diagnosis and healing from specialized sporting doctors for the precious human resource.
  • In the medium-term process within a year of operation players will be gradually presented to readily available opportunities whiles others are in demand for trials and eventually penning of contracts hopefully in assurance.
  • Services of professionals and the requisite staff to serve the foundation in various roles.

Services to be engaged -:

  1. A Secretary – the secretary will be dirtied for secretariat duties.
  2. Sporting director – Sporting director will be responsible for the day to day operations of the academy.
  3. Gym instructor – will assist in the right gym training for players.
  4. Physiotherapist – Physiotherapist will involve98 the players in physio therapy.
  5. Psychologist – Psychologist will psych the IQ of the players when they are emotionally down.
  6. Performance assessment manager – Will assess the progress of players and make appropriate reports.
  7. Clinic: Clinic will serve for immediate response to ailment within the premises of the foundation and will be manned by a doctor and aided by 2 nurses.
  8. Dietitian: Destitution will recommend and make sure players are fed the right food at right times to aid the desired development of the players.
  9. Nutritionist: The Nutritionist works in consultation with the dietitian on assessing and advising on making sure players diet are filled with the necessary supplements in a balanced form.
  10. Marketing and business development manager – Business development and heretical marketing of the foundation and players as brands of success and profitable affiliations and also prospect for sponsors for the academy.
  11. Coaches – There will be 4 four coaches serving each age group team.
  12. Special trainers – The services of two special trainers will be applied in providing specialized training for goal keepers and occasional specific type of training in all aspects that ensures development of players in skills and knowledge.
  13. Production team – Two professional camera handlers and an editor will take coverage of the academy matches and the editing.
  14. Language teachers – In the nature of football a player is always in a challenging environment in all sorts of forms. The foundation in know deems it necessary to involve at least 2 language teachers with knowledge of at least 2 of the languages to be taught. languages as English, French, Spanish, German and to also provide 2 teachers for mathematics, biology and Information technology.
  15. Media manager – Will serve as a public relations officer/communication director and also liaise with the communication direction of the marketing and business manager to promote activities on and off the pitch on various media platforms.
  16. Equipment manager: Will be the aid to the players making sure all logistics are in check and available to players in any engagement.
  17. Grass and cleaning Maintenance: Maintaining the facility will be 8 people on task, 4 gardeners for the grass and flowers as well as 4 cleaners keeping the environment clean.
  18. Electrician: An electricians service will be employed to make stable in the provision of electricity from unpredicted surges.
  19. Plumber: A standby plumber comes in handy as water  will be essential in our operations therefore providing solutions.


  • The provision of 2 v.i.p buses for transporting players.
  • Our-goal is to provide professional players of quality, making us part of the biggest sporting development homes of all times and a brand of importance in the circles of soccer.
  • Establishment of a permanent modern facility for soccer players. A well equipped

 and modern sporting facility to serve Africa’s youth into professional soccer.

To replicate the foundations facilities and operations in the African region providing same contribution in nurturing and developing professional players.

  • A research initiative for the development of sports.
  • A production line for sport wares.


EMMANUEL (God With US) Matthew 1 VS 23